If your disability means it would cost you more than a person without a disability to take on the same job or training, you may be eligible for funding.

Two support funds are available to help people in New Zealand with disabilities to take part in open employment (which means that anyone could apply for the job and it is not reserved for a person with a disability). They are:

Support funds can be used at the same time as any other funding except Mainstream funding. However, they are intended as last resort funding, so try other funding sources first.

How much funding is available

Job Support funding is limited to $16,900 per person over a 52-week period.

Training Support funding has a lifetime limit of $15,600.

The maximum amount of funding you can receive from one or a combination of sources – Job Support, Training Support or any other funding from the Ministry of Social Development or Work and Income – over a 52-week period is $16,900.

How support funds work

Workbridge administers support funds on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development, but you don’t have to register as a jobseeker with Workbridge to apply for funding. Anyone can refer themselves for funding, or be referred by a disability agency.

Workbridge staff discuss eligibility criteria with people considering applying for support funds, and accept applications.;

They also have an ongoing administration role and follow up with everyone who receives funding.

See the eligibility criteria to check whether you qualify for support funding, and the assistance categories to check which types of needs support funds could help you with.

More general information is available in the publication Your Guide to the Support Funds

You can also read more about Job Support and Training Support using the buttons below and find out how to apply.