The Ministry of Social Development’s Support Funds provide assistance to disabled people and people with a health condition to help cover the cost of disability incurred whilst in employment or training. These are costs that would not be incurred by people without the disability or health condition.

Support Funds are ‘funds of last resort’ which means:

  • Funding is not available if ACC has responsibility for an applicant’s vocational services or disability costs
  • Funding is not available if Ministry of Health has responsibility for an applicant’s employment related health services and/or disability costs
  • You must have tried all other sources of government funding in the first instance, including ‘universal services’ that are available for everyone to access

It is also expected that employers will make reasonable accommodations for the needs of disabled employees.

Support funds consist of:

Job Support

Training Support

Support Funds team

Workbridge administers Support Funds on behalf of the Ministry of Social Development. Workbridge has established a dedicated team called Support Funds Services.

Support Funds Services is independent of Workbridge’s other services. You don’t need to register with Workbridge to apply for funding.

Support Funds Services team can discuss eligibility criteria or other questions with potential applicants. They receive and assess all applications against the Job Support Funds Operational Guidelines and Training Support Funds Operational Guidelines to decide whether to approve your funding application.

Support Funds Services will let you know in writing if your application is successful.

If your application does not meet the Support Funds criteria, it will be forwarded to MSD for further consideration. MSD will confirm the outcome in writing to you.

For Support Funds summary information, see:

For full information on the Support Funds, see: