Changes to the Support Funds Payment Schedule for 2022

From 17 January 2022 Support Funds will be paid fortnightly. This is because:

  • This better reflects and aligns with commercial terms of trade which are typically a monthly payment cycle.
  • The administration associated with processing, reviewing and transacting invoice settlements weekly is significant; and
  • We will be implementing a new Customer Relationship Database in early 2022 which is configured to process fortnightly or monthly settlements.

It would still be appreciated if you could submit your documentation by 5pm each Thursday to help us with planning and managing our processing workload. We have set up a new email address for invoices to be sent direct for processing – For all other enquiries please use the email address.

Invoice requirements

All invoices submitted for payment from January 2022 must be in the prescribed legal format otherwise we will be unable to process them. Support Funds is required by Inland Revenue, the Ministry of Social Development and Workbridge auditors to receive and retain documentation that complies with all legal requirements before making payments.

Below is guidance on what information we require to be set out in an invoice or tax invoice. Please note that the standard Support Funds timesheets will still be required to accompany an invoice in respect of funding for support people.


On each invoice you need to include:

      • If you are not GST registered use the word “Invoice” in a prominent place
      • your business name
      • your customer’s name and address
      • the invoice number, date sent and due date
      • a description of the goods or services provided, e.g., date, quantity, rate and hours
      • the amount payable
      • Bank account details

Tax Invoice

If you are registered for GST, you also need to include:

      • your GST number
      • the words “Tax Invoice” in a prominent place
      • for supplies worth less than $1,000, state GST is included in the amount payable
      • for supplies worth more than $1,000, either:
        • specify the amount charged, the GST added and the total amount payable, or
        • state GST is included in the amount payable

The IRD website provides specific guidance for GST-registered suppliers. Otherwise, we recommend you consult with your accountant, business adviser or another financial professional. Click here for a helpful link for invoicing information. Also on this webpage is a link to free invoice template in PDF format.

Support Funds Payment Calendar for 2022

Day Payment Date Close off time/date for processing
Monday 17 January 5pm – Thursday, 14 January
Monday 31 January 5pm – Thursday, 27 January
Monday 14 February 5pm – Thursday, 10 February
Monday 28 February 5pm – Thursday, 24 February
Monday 14 March 5pm – Thursday, 10 March
Monday 28 March 5pm – Thursday, 24 March
Monday 11 April 5pm – Thursday, 7 April
Tuesday 26 April (day after ANZAC Day) 5pm – Thursday, 21 April
Monday 9 May 5pm – Thursday, 5 May
Monday 23 May 5pm – Thursday, 19 May
Tuesday 7 June (day after Queens Birthday) 5pm – Thursday, 2 June
Monday 20 June 5pm – Thursday, 16 June
Monday 4 July 5pm – Thursday, 30 June
Monday 18 July 5pm – Thursday, 14 July
Monday 1 August 5pm – Thursday, 28 July
Monday 15 August 5pm – Thursday, 11 August
Monday 29 August 5pm – Thursday, 25 August
Monday 12 September 5pm – Thursday, 8 September
Monday 26 September 5pm – Thursday, 22 September
Monday 10 October 5pm – Thursday, 6 October
Tuesday 25 October (day after Labour Day) 5 pm – Thursday, 20 October
Monday 7 November 5pm – Thursday, 3 November
Monday 21 November 5pm – Thursday, 17 November
Monday 5 December 5pm – Thursday, 1 December
Monday 19 December 5pm – Thursday, 15 December