Eligibility criteria

The government sets the eligibility criteria for support funds, and Workbridge is responsible for making sure these criteria are met.

Both Training Support and Job Support funding have the following criteria:

Cost of disability

You must establish that you have extra costs that a person without a disability doing the same job or training would not have.

The costs must be a direct consequence of your disability or impairment.


You must live in New Zealand and be either a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.


You must be aged 16-65 to apply for Support Funds.

Applications outside the age range will sometimes be considered, so ask Support Funds Services sfs@supportfunds.co.nz


You must have a disability or health condition that you’ve had or are likely to have for at least six months.

Your disability must be a barrier to new or continued employment or training. You must also have tried accessing universal services first.

Ministry of Health

You will not be eligible for support funds if the Ministry of Health provides your vocational services (employment-focused services) and/or disability costs such as, hearing aids, orthotics, wheelchairs or vehicle adaptations. These are often referred to as ‘whole of life’ supports – they are not used solely for employment.


You will generally not be eligible for support funds if your vocational services or disability costs are the result of an accident and/or are the responsibility of ACC.

You generally won’t be eligible if you receive Earnings Related Compensation (ERC).