Published Monday 30th March 2020

During a time of such uncertainty, many jobseekers are wondering how COVID-19 will affect their employment opportunities.  

For some, this time of uncertainty can cause feelings of distress, anxiety and fear of not knowing what is going to happen – these feelings are completely normal. You should allow yourself time to notice how you’re feeling but be careful not to get caught up in them. 

The good news is that eventually – the virus will pass. Things will return to normal and when they do, companies will be ready to hire.  

As jobseekers – it’s important to keep positive and remain focussed on your employment goals. There are many things you can continue to do to achieve your goals while in lockdown. 

Here are a few suggestions you can do on your own or with support from family, friends or your Employment Consultant: 

  1. Update your CV 
    Use Careers NZ’s free online tool to create an eye-catching CV ready to send to employers. It provides helpful tips and advice along the way, once you’ve finished you can download, print and email your CV in Word and PDF formats.  
  2. Work on building your network 
    Now is a great time to continue or start to build your online network. Create a LinkedIn profile if you don’t already have one. LinkedIn is a great place to build connections. Network with people by sharing content or engaging in open discussions.  
  3. Practise job interviews 
    Google common interview questions and prepare answers to possible questions – outlining skills and experiences you’d like to highlight. Do a phone/video practise run through with a friend, family member or your Employment Consultant. The more you can practice, the more prepared you’ll be when it’s time for the real thing. 
  4. Discuss employment barriers and how to overcome these 
    Barriers to employment can make it hard to find or keep work. Take some time to write down a list of employment barriers you currently face. Talk to a friend, family member or your Employment Consultant to come up with strategies on how to overcome these barriers. 
  5. Be kind to yourself 
    Your wellbeing is important. If you are feeling distressed, anxious or overwhelmed there are some things you can do to feel better; reach out to people close to you, take regular walks, implement daily routine.

For more ways to manage your wellbeing visit the COVID-19 website