Training Support funding

If you have a disability and meet the Support Funds eligibility criteria, Training Support funding can help you by providing specific support during your training course. Refer to Assistance Categories for a summary of the supports available.

Training Support criteria

Training Support funds can be used only for training linked to the NZQA framework or other education institutions or courses approved by the Ministry of Social Development.

Training Support funds cannot be used for course fees, as these are not a cost of disability (all students must pay course fees and materials costs).

A clear link between the training opportunity and the employment goal must be established.

Vocational plan

Training Support funding must be part of a vocational plan to gain open employment – a job that anyone can apply for.

When you fill out a training support application form, you’ll be asked to note what other steps you need to take to reach your job goals.

The vocational plan aims to provide you with a clearly-defined individual programme, with timelines, focused on your future employment options.

Training funding for people who already have a job

If you already have a job and want to undertake study that is not essential for your current role, Training Support funding may be available to pay for your disability-related training costs. For example, if you want to study to change your role within your organisation, or change careers.

If you need training for your current job, Job Support funding may be available to pay for your disability-related training costs (costs not normally paid for by your employer). For example, someone working as a store person might need an interpreter to gain a forklift certificate.

If you are unsure which support fund to apply for, contact Support Fund Services for help.